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An intelligently designed system, with proven results. Second-generation station design based on input from universities and pest professionals offers a major advance in termite baiting technology via a dual-stage process that features termite-preferred food sources and an ultra-low disturbance design to pattern termites’ natural feeding behavior, leading to enhanced colony elimination.


The large containerized bait load allows for a large amount of bait to be fed to the colony in a short time to eliminate termite colonies faster. A proprietary rugged station locking mechanism that helps to keep children and pets out. Termite bait technology extensively researched by leading university researchers to demonstrate effectiveness in eliminating single and multiple termite colonies.

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Monitoring System

Do I really need a monitoring system if termites aren’t present in my home? Waiting until termites actually strike to take action to get rid of them is one of the biggest termite control mistakes a homeowner can make. Your home is simply too important, and the potential damages are too great, for a cross-your-fingers-and-wait strategy when it comes to termites.

Advance Termite Monitoring watches over your home 24 hours a day and lets your pest management professional check regularly to make sure termites are not present. Advance Termite Monitoring stations with termite inspection cartridges are strategically installed around your home. These cartridges contain active-ingredient free Puri-Cell® monitoring tablets that termites find even more appetizing than wood. If termites do show up at your home, the monitoring system can reveal their presence to your pest management professional, who will then work with you to determine the best next-step termite treatment strategy for your home and circumstances.

We recommend all prospective home buyers review the agreement between the current homeowner and his/her pest control company, if applicable, that addresses retreat and repair fees that may be required to fix any termite or wood boring insect damage. All termite guarantees should be renewable and transferable for a fee to the new owner.

If Predator Pest Control termite specialists discover termite activity or signs of termites during the inspection, we will issue the report, including an estimate for treatment to eliminate termites or other wood destroying insects from the structure. Please feel free to contact our office to arrange a termite inspection and to inquire about our termite inspection rates.

We offer free pest evaluations to all our clients. We also provide pre-purchase termite and wood destroying inspections. Our termite inspections are approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration, and Veterans Affairs loans. Predator Pest Control provides targeted pest control treatments, comprehensive reports, and recommendations. All of our termite inspections are completed by licensed inspectors.

An Advance Termite Bait System can only be installed by a licensed pest management professional. The user must always read and follow label directions. © 2010 BASF Corporation. Advance, Puri-Cell, Quik-Lock and the Advance logo are registered trademarks of BASF Termite Inspections. A termite inspection on the approved state form is usually required during a real estate transaction when the buyer is getting a mortgage. To successfully complete this process, all Predator Pest Control termite inspections are performed on the approved bank, FHA & VA report form. A lender may require explaining a home’s termite activity on the wood-destroying organisms report (often referred to as the HUD 1 report, NPMCA 1 report, WDI report or WDO report). We will always go the extra step to assist the lender with any and all additional assistance and explanations needed.






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