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Fleas spend most of their adult life on the host they are feeding on. A flea might live a year and a half under ideal conditions. These include the right temperature, food supply, and humidity. Generally speaking, an adult flea only lives for 2 or 3 months. Without a host for food, a flea’s life might be as short as a few days

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Effective Flea Control

With ample food supply, the adult flea will often live up to 100 days. Newly emerged adult fleas live only about one week if a blood meal is not obtained. However, completely developed adult fleas can live for several months without eating. Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are most often found in carpeting, bedding, and under furniture edges where pets are most likely to frequent. For every flea that you see on your pet, there are likely to be hundreds of eggs and larvae in your home and even thousands in your yard. To have an effective flea control program the entire interior and exterior of your home need to be treated as well as having your pet treated for fleas.

  • It is essential to Predator Pest Control’s flea treatment to follow all of the following steps prior to having a technician treat for fleas:

    Have your pets treated for fleas by a professional (veterinarian or groomer) at the same time that we will be treating your home? Remove all caged pets (birds, reptiles, hamsters) before service is rendered.

  • Pet food containers and bowls should be covered or stored away. Fish tanks are to be covered with plastic wrap, and pumps turned off until reoccupying home.
  • Vacuum everything!!! Especially around the areas where your pets frequent the most.
  • Immediately after vacuuming remove the vacuum bag from the vacuum and place in a sealed bag then dispose of on the exterior

    of the house.

  • Wash all bedding sheets, blankets, and furniture slipcovers in detergent and in the hottest water that the fabrics can stand.
  • Vacuum thoroughly then wash all of your pets bedding the in extreme heat and use detergent.
  • All trash should be put in a sealable plastic bag and dispose of in an exterior trash can. Mop all wood, tile and vinyl floors with

    very hot water.

  • We recommend getting carpet or furniture shampooed or steam-cleaned.
  • Please remove all nonstationary furniture and items from the floor and away from walls to give our technician as much unobstructed access as possible to the floors and carpeting.

Please keep in mind that each Flea treatment is unique to the specifications of each individual house, property, pet, and conditions. These preparations may change to suit your individual needs to provide you with the best and most efficient flea program Predator Pest Control can offer.

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