Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are commonly found in the folds of mattresses, although they can be found anywhere; in your homes, hotels, or even planes. Though there are many bed bug treatments you can try, there is no one cure-all treatment. If you’re not sure what a bed bug looks like, check out some bed bugs pictures.

We use heat treatments to eradicate bed bugs. It's the most effective way to eliminate adult nymphs and eggs of bed bugs. No harsh chemicals or pesticides!! We heat up the room to 140 degrees for one hour which kills everything even the eggs can’t survive. Please call for free estimates.

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Bed Bug Facts

Here are a few facts about bed bugs:

  • They are nocturnal in nature which means that they move about in night only.
  • They do not have wings and are of dark brown color.
  • They can be dangerous for both the animals as well as human beings.
  • Bed Bugs are usually found in beds and small cracks.
  • Bed bugs inject the skin with their saliva. They do not spread disease. However, bed bug bites can become red, itchy welts.
  • Many people mistakenly associate bed bugs with dirty conditions.
  • Actually, they are attracted to carbon dioxide and not dirt.


Bed bugs are mostly active at night, and their peak attack time is usually roughly an hour before dawn. They will, however, attempt to feed at other times of day if food is present. Attracted by warmth, the bug pierces the skin with two hollow tubes. With one tube, it injects its saliva. With the other, it withdraws the blood. After feeding, the bug returns to its nest. Although bed bugs can live for up to 18 months without food, if a food source is available, they will usually seek it withholding no more than a week. If you notice red raised bumps on your skin they may be bed bug bites. Find out some facts and tricks on how to go about treating bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Bed bugs have small tentacles through which they inject themselves into the body and suck the blood. This usually happens during the evening time because they are very active during the evening. As compared to other insects their reproduction cycle is very fast. Even a single bug can produce a number of bugs in your house thus creating an infestation. Like all other insects, bed bugs come from eggs which later turn into nymphs. Their life cycle is more or less similar to other insects. It is found that one female bug can lay about three hundred eggs in one lifetime. Some bed bugs can live for several months without feeding.

The bed bugs life cycle is very short and they take about ten days to hatch. The scary thing about them is that they do not require food. Even if they do not eat for months they will not die. Though many surfaces will be apt for them to live in they usually prefer surfaces like cloth, wood or even paper. Female bed bugs tend to lay eggs in regions like cracks in a wood floor where they cannot be disturbed. This is considered to be the favorite place where they lay and hatch their eggs. Bed bug bites can be mistaken for ordinary insect bites such as misquotes. Make sure you make the right diagnosis.


Most experts say that regular cleaning of the home will not allow the bugs to enter. But this is not the case as they can enter from anywhere.

Once they find a suitable place in homes, they lay eggs thus creating an infestation. So a better solution is to fill in wooden cracks which are an ideal place for them as there is no crack bed bugs will not fill to hatch their eggs. You can use different kinds of bed bug sprays to try and get rid of the infestation but professional bed bugs exterminator is usually the way to go for a serious bed bug infestation.

The wide use of DDT a half century ago, bed bugs all but disappeared from North America. Infestations remained common in other parts of the globe, however, in recent years have begun to resurface in North America. The insects have multiplied in great numbers in Boston suburbs, where in 2004 renters were offered subsidies to replace infested mattresses. Call now to get rid of bed bugs for good.



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